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  • The base engine in the Chevy Silverado is a liter V6 that puts out horsepower and pound-feet of torque. The V6 has ample power for driving around.

    CHEVROLET SILVERADO SPECIFICATIONS. EPA FUEL ECONOMY Horsepower (hp / kW @ rpm). / @ (SAE certified). Torque (lb.

    See why the Silverado Truck the most dependable, longest lasting pickup on the road featuring a roll-formed steel horsepower at rpm; lb.

    BUT numbers on paper mean a lot the truck market. Special edition models of the Chevrolet Silverado and Chevrolet Colorado were introduced to commemorate the th anniversary of Chevy Trucks. Please whitelist our site in your adblocker, refresh the page, and enjoy! Chevrolet announced that they will release 3 All-new Silverado models including the Silverado HD and HD and models in the next 18 months.

    Silverado Engines: Power And Torque Ratings Revealed | GM Authority

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    GM Authority Founder with a passion for global automotive business strategy. I wonder if these numbers are incomplete…. Well, these do come from official GM order guides… so the incomplete part is highly unlikely. This is similar to when we broke the Cadillac XT4 specs via the order guide and many believed that the power figure for the 2.

    Hopefully GM at least makes the 6. Right, but the 5. GM has another trick up their sleeve that is more likely however.

    They have submitted a patent for a engine that has a The actual compression ratio was then Torque would be up, and better air mixture would result in reduced emissions. Pumping losses would be up a little and power would increase with torque. I really thought that Chevy would copy fords multi injection, but it adds cost and complexity for no benefit in the low end RPM range. Fords advantage is all up in the high rpm where no one pulls trailers in or does daily driving anyways.

    I would like to see an engine with everything from DSF, Multi injection, variable compression and mild hybrids, but there is that cost factor. On the other, with the lb drop in weight it should be competitive with the 5.

    Weight loss accounts to not only for better MPG but better handling, braking. More payload, towing and acceleration. While a small bump in the HP number may be sexy the weight loss with even the same Hp gains in more areas. The bed is actually bigger and stronger than the last one, and the last bed was far ahead of its aluminum competitor. Do you think the 5. I doubt anyone would buy a V6 when for the same price or a couple of grand more, you could get a hp lb-ft tq V8.

    And if history is any measure, with the way GM V8s take to cheap mods, the legendary 6th gen Camaro to look out for n the street would easily be a 5. If they could do a 5. Excited to see what the other engines are. That could be cool. Also, why on Earth would GM be so secretive about 5 extra horsepower? Like a lb linebacker vs a lbs wrestler, both can deadlift lbs, but if they knock into something like a truck passing a semi the more weight of the linebacker makes him much, much more stable.

    It appears the GVWR went down by lbs, so this means the payload is up by only lbs. They already had pretty good payload, so this is decent. The tow ratings for the 5. I too would have liked to see the 10 speed used across the board, except maybe work trucks. So hopefully this is the end of the lethargic gas sipping shift patterns, assuming you use the correct mode. And i was being very conservative on the weights.

    I talk about horsepower increases, but what i really want is a torque increase so i can have more power output around rpm where i am working. Finnal drives have little to do as much as the beefiness of the rear axel and the overall output ratio. I would take a 2. The reason that the 5. Its about what the frame transmission and axel can handle, and all should go up in This is full of contradictions. Like you said, this is the same HP as the 6.

    2019 Chevrolet Silverado Fully Revealed and Explained - New Engines, Specs, & Trim Levels

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