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    In the s, the Sports Car Club of America had a pro racing series just for little trucks. These most unlikely road racers could be made to.

    Mini Truck Rules at Placerville Speedway.

    Where did they go? Well, the fact that the truck was inherited and therefore free with the motor in it, though in an unfinished state of installation, means the truck was free. Only one size wheel will be allowed. Minimum head thickness is 3. Fuel cells are mandatory.

    PRO Trucks must have a minimum weight of lbs with the driver. Mini Truck must have a minimum weight of lbs with driver. Plate and head with gaskets on both sides. All engines must be properly assembled in accordance with Honda shop manuals. Engines may be built by anyone to accordance to Honda shop manual BUT can only be dyno. Governor may be removed. De- compressor must not be removed. Block may be bored to the 3 honda oversizes. Piston may be a minimum of. Piston dish must be a minimum of.

    Stroke shall be a maximum of Any heat range spark plug as long as stock reach. Valves may be refaced but not excessively. Any valve spring allowed. Minimum head thickness is 3. Head is a 25Twith minimum CC of Head gasket is steel approximately. Any ignition timing allowed. Any flywheel to coil air- gap allowed. Any camshaft to crankshaft timing allowed. No metal added or removed from camshaft.

    Cam lobe height for intake is 1. Cam lobe height for exhaust is 1. Max lift with 0 lash at intake valve is. Max lift with 0 lash at exhaust valve is. Cam must have stock lobe separation angle. Any vacuum operated fuel pump allowed. Three angle seat grinding allowed. Valved guards to be in stock location.

    No porting, no polishing, no deburring, no matching. All parts to be compared with a know stock Honda part to verify originality. Horse Power for these motors with stock parts allowed is 21 HP. Some new engines have 3 groove cast iron camshafts and some have camshafts with sintered lobes pressed on a billet shaft. First rookie schooling will take place May 12th. Or home built Chassis allowed. Chassis can be altered or modified with approval from JCAR tech..

    Class is open to any chassis that meets spec. Main frame rail const. Altering of these components allowed within reason. Everything must be nylock nuts tie rods, rod ends, on steering parts. No Aluminum rod ends are allowed. Spring and shock rear location in or outboard of the frame is allowed.

    Small steel body shocks only or series only. Front sway bars will be allowed. It is not mandatory to run a front sway bar. Rear sway bars will be allowed. Any size of bar is allowed. No ducting through interior. Off bottom of truck to engine. Or tunnel cover only not side body No ducting to carb. Wishbone one- piece solid with motor mounted to it with one or two steel rod ends on front. Full steel firewall behind drivers seat and up right side to front dash of truck mandatory.

    Body dosen t matter. Wheels must be aluminum approved racing wheel example: Only one size wheel will be allowed. Only one size tire will be allowed. M- 32 or M Quick release mechanism is mandatory.

    Front or rear steer allowed. High back aluminum seat is mandatory. Fuel cells are mandatory. Fuel cells must be a foam or bladder type. Fuel lines must be installed in a safe manner. No fuel cooling devices are allowed. Must be behind rear axle. Lead Weight requires 2 bolts per pc. Battery must be located behind firewall and securely fastened.

    Dry type engine mounted clutch is mandatory. No transmission gearbox or other device which permits a change of gear sprocket ratio while vehicle is in motion is allowed. Torque converters are not allowed. Disc type clutches allowed. No direct drives allowed. Adjustable type clutch only. Old style clutches are still allowed.

    [HOONIGAN] DT 126: 525HP Mini Trophy Truck with 17 Year Old Pro Driver

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