Vw jetta oil pump failure

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  • While most drivers may never need to change their oil pump, it is important to know the symptoms in case you are experiencing problems with.

    It will alert the driver to problems that are occurring in the engine, which may be the oil pump itself. An auto mechanic should be consulted as soon as possible to .

    but with an external oil pressure gauge hooked NAMUS.INFOre reads a big fat goose egg "0" so curious if anyone has ever seen an oil pump fail? i have a spare pump at home, so i am going back down tonight to TDI(s): B5 Passat, JSW, Jetta . VW Pathfinder 45hp Marine Hrs.

    Here is a translated link to adac. Thank you for your replies. Send a private message to fouckhest. August 11th, Hrm, my turbo burns no oil.

    VW owners - oil light? - Ars Technica OpenForum

    Log in or Sign up. Page 1 and 2 of this article gives background and technical information, the other article deals with only the DIY replacement procedure. If you see a warning on the instrument cluster that says STOP - low oil pressure, shut off the engine as soon as is safe and pull over to the side of the road.

    Do not risk getting into an accident to save the engine, always keep control of the car and concentrate on safe driving first. Your second priority should be to pull over and shut the engine off as soon as is safe. This tip also applies to any car.

    The repair procedure below also applies if you lost oil pressure from a cracked engine oil pan and kept driving with low oil pressure. The engine oil doesn't dump out immediately unless there's a massive hole. If you hit the oil pan you should pull over as soon as is safe and inspect for dripping oil.

    This is just a range of cars that have been reported, diagnosed, and repaired. The actual statistics on dealer repairs or failures is unknown and I've heard cars over , miles that, in my opinion as a non mechanic most mechanics wouldn't recognize this sound and problem either , aren't noisy. In my opinion, very few will last past , miles but your individual case may vary.

    The most obvious symptom is a rattling loose noise from the oil pan. Unless you listen to a Passat TDI with a tight chain and one with a loose chain, it's hard to describe the difference other than rattling chain noise. Here's a video I made showing how the module works and a little bit about the repair.

    Below are some example videos. Below left is a good running engine with , miles with minor chain noise. Below right is a bad , mile engine with a broken chain tensioner, worn sprocket, and low oil pressure. Here is a good 60, mile engine with the gear driven module I also did an engine swap: Below left is a video from leicaman of a 56, mile engine with chain module.

    Below right is the same engine with the gear module. Below left is a video of a 48, mile engine. Below right is a video of some pretty nasty chain noise on an engine with only 86, miles. While I've experienced a broken chain and heard excess chain noise in another, a sample size of 2 means absolutely nothing.

    As time went on, this became a well documented issue with many, many reported failures. There will always be a few defective parts that come off the assembly line and all mechanical components like chains wear out sooner or later, but in my opinion, the failure rate is abnormal considering the number of Passat TDI sold versus the number of reported oil pump failures and the relatively low mileage at which it occurs.

    This does not necessarily mean that every or even most Passat TDI will have this problem, just that the reported failure rate is high enough to consider this part a design failure. Nobody, not even VW-Audi knows the average time between failure for these parts and the percentage of cars that will have this problem, but they changed this design and if you want to not have this specific failure, the only sure way is to swap to the geared module or do the balance shaft delete with new oil pump.

    How The VW TDI Balance Shaft Module Fails

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