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  • Nov. AUTO BILD hat BMW und Mercedes verglichen. BMW M3 gegen Mercedes C 63 AMG – welcher ist der wahre . Unterhalt, 10, 7, 6.

    Unterhaltskosten video, Technology product reviews, technology news, product advice, mobile phones, Mercedes C63S AMG | | Unterhaltskosten.

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    Marius, don't you understand selling a new car after only 6 months you lose a lot of money!!!!!!! Don't worry you are very young, you have the rest of your life ahead of you, at least you are sensible enough to do the right thing. Really enjoyed your videos with this car. But that being said, kudos to you for having the realization.

    Die Vollgas-Versuchung - NAMUS.INFO

    Yep guys I am getting rid of my C43 unfortunately. Something new is coming and I am so glad you all support me as much as you do! Stay tuned for more videos and as always thanks for watching. Dauphin Island Enjoying Time Vlog. I just got my c43 amg t last friday. I leased it for 18 month and I really do understand, why your heart is bleeding. This car really is fantastic. The performance exhaust sounds like a formular 1 car.

    I really fell in love and thinking about giving it away is heartbreaking. Your videos helped me while I was waiting for the car, I watched them all. Thank you for helping me in that looong time ;-. I keep my fingers crossed, that you can order the next one soon. I understand your reasons but since you are buying a CLA why dont you buy a used model?

    It would be the same car with some miles on the odometer but much less money! Plenty of time my friend. Really enjoyed your videos with this car. The CLA is a solid car - good choice. I know how you feel. Don't worry you are very young, you have the rest of your life ahead of you, at least you are sensible enough to do the right thing.

    Good luck with everything. Work Hard Play Hard. You are young and you have lots of time ahead of yourself to get a car that you can afford without effecting your pocket or being what is known as "Car Poor". Keep up the good work and PS. Keep your new car for longer than 6 months so that you don't loose more money.

    Can understand, that you regret not to order the Performance Exhaust! Interesting, sympathic and honest video! I see this time and time again with young people making bad financial decisions. But that being said, kudos to you for having the realization. I don't understand why or how you would buy another car just for months.

    BTW I just subscribed to you. Wait years for depreciation. A used one is well worth it. NEVER buy or finance new again. Good luck Marius, you will enjoy your CLA as well. But, if you wanna go for a C 63 in a near future keep in mind and of cause you will know it , it will be even sooo much more expensive than this By the way - I am 44 years old and just now was able to buy me a C43 at this age.

    You're desires simply, exceeded your intellect for the past 10k miles. Luckily, you're back on the right track now. And the company opens the app for new users soon, so go for a C63 AMG!! But I feel you man, college fees are a ripping off youths: Honestly it's a better decision to buy a honda accord over a gla I love Mercedes, but if you want to save money, buying a Mercedes is a terrible option.

    Buy a reliable Camry or Accord or Civic si I just bought mine a cla 45 with 14k miles for 39k. Lots of power and good gas consumption. Im enjoying it every single day. I understand where your coming from.. I rather spend money travelling than waste money on the car. But one will never understand until they own one. I can understand where you come from a couple of years ago I lost my job and we could not afford our Mercedes Benz gl and the bank took my car away and I drive a Toyota Corolla things change.

    Yes make your finances a priority, you are still young. Honestly you will appreciate the Benz more when you mature a little more. I got my first coupe in , and I was 41; now I am 53, and I got my Coupe last year- and I must say, this last Benz purchase was more humbling, now that I am more settled, and really appreciate the finer things, and want to take care of them.

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