1993 jaguar xj220

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  • The Jaguar XJ is a two-seat sports car produced by British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar This made it the fastest production car from to

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    For the first five years of its life, it was one of thirty-seven unsold XJs that were carefully stored, sparingly driven, and accordingly serviced and maintained by Jaguar themselves at their factory in Coventry. TWR purchased the rights to the V64V engine from Austin Rover in and developed a completely new turbocharged engine, codenamed JV6, under the auspices of Allan Scott, with proportions roughly similar to the V64V, and suitable for sports car racing. Ergonomics and ride were also praised by Gavin Green in Car August The re-engineered and facelifted XJS was launched in May

    Jaguar XJ | Uncrate

    Jaguar has a rich motorsport heritage and so when the time came during the s to build a road car to celebrate this, it needed to be something special. Here is everything you need to know about the Jaguar XJ There was no plan. They longed for the days where you could drive to the track in your Jaguar C-Type, win the race and drive home again.

    To justify the resources this "Saturday club" consumed, the prototype car had to provide meaningful data for future road and racing cars. The tinkering continued with Group B racing in mind and so eventually the project grew into an all-wheel-drive V12 supercar.

    Jim Randle, the car's designer, called in favors from suppliers to build a concept. In fact, the concept was only approved to be shown publicly one week before its debut. The XJ concept was finished in the early hours of 18 October — the very day the car was to be shown at the British International Motor Show in Birmingham.

    The Jaguar XJ was named in a similar fashion to the legendary Jaguar XK — the in its name relates to the car's intended top speed of mph kph. When revealed to the public, the Jaguar XJ immediately became the star attraction at the Birmingham motor show. Ferrari brought a bright red F40 to the party, but it looked like a dinosaur next to the sleek new Jag. The future was looking bright for the Jaguar XJ, but behind the scenes it was turning into a logistical nightmare.

    Thankfully, an existing joint venture in motorsport with Jaguar Sport and Tom Wilkinshaw Racing presented a solution. The crack team of engineers got to work and began to study competitors such as the Porsche It was quickly decided that all-wheel drive would be ditched in favor of a simpler rear-wheel drive layout.

    This saved weight and created less of a headache when it came to maintenance. Another big change from the original design came when the race-bred 6.

    Such drastic changes from the original concept car resulted in many people cancelling their orders. It might not have a big V12 as intended, but the XJ is still an impressive machine. Officially Jaguar said that the car would do mph kph in 3. F1 driver Martin Brundle took the car to a top speed of mph kph , but reported that the rev limiter was stopping the car from going any faster. A few alterations, including the removal of the car's catalytic converters, resulted in a top speed of mph kph.

    As the converters were not required by European law at the time, the record-breaking XJ was still considered to be road legal. This made the Jag faster than any production car to tackle the "Green Hell" before it.

    The Jags beat a strong effort from Porsche to take the GT class win. But being an XJ, that is not the end of the story. It was later found that the cars were run without their catalytic converters, something demanded by the rules. The huge financial crisis of the early 90s caused the exotic car bubble to burst. This hostile environment dented initial demand for the headline-grabbing Jag. A total of cars were produced, notably less than Jaguar had intended, and it is reported that some remained unsold for years after.

    Jaguar XJ220 - hero cars by NAMUS.INFO

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