Mitsubishi triton suspension problems

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  • Mitsubishi Triton Recalled In Australia For Suspension Fix, 42, Tritons Affected
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  • Default Mitsubishi Triton suspension problems. Hi everbody. I have been the owner of a Triton clubcab since Nov last year.

    In the case of our Triton, the suspension took a few hundred 4X4 utes, the Triton doesn't feel front heavy and that has allowed the Mitsubishi or off- roading, an issue that could be minimised with a lower first gear ratio.

    Ask a question about Mitsubishi Triton MQ (Present) in Utes (page 3). Hanford C. Must use low ash oil, otherwise DPF could have problems. Hanford C .

    If it was me, spending my money, i think it would be a triton From when it was 13 years old to 27 years old, it delivered freight — both bagged and bulk. Take off is sluggish until the turbo winds up may be common in others. Originally Posted by Ouarzazate. Any advice from the forum?

    Triton Springs - The Grey Nomads Forum

    Attila S asked on Apr 05, I don't think it will though, you have the option of double checking with Mitsubishi australia if you like. Julie W asked on Apr 04, I would recommend try the Mitsubishi australia service centre workshop or a reasonable transmission specialist works.

    It even could be a fault within the solenoid though, it less likely but , if it is then perhaps a reasonable auto electrician workshop may be able to help though , I would recommend trying the first 2 options first. I think pedders is a tranny specialist. Better to double check with Mitsubishis australia"s headquarters or you also have the option of asking Mitsubishi australia service centre or perhaps ask an auto electrician.

    Mark asked on Apr 01, When you lock the centre diff, which you have to do when you select 4low, the front axle and rear axle turn at the same speed. When you are driving forward and turn at all the front wheels travel further than the rear wheels which track inside their corresponding front wheels. On dirt roads the effect, called wind up, is overcome by the fact that the wheels can slip on dirt. On tar this slip cannot occur so there are quite high twisting forces that can lead to something breaking, either in the transfer case or axles.

    So, if you need to turn at all you cannot use 4low on surfaces with good grip. Tom d replied on Apr 02, Mark replied on Apr 02, I take it that you have a manual transmission? If you have an auto then thats not a problem at all. As long as you dont reverse for a long period of time. If you do you will get what is known as "diff wind up" Google it to see what that means.

    Mark H replied on May 25, Chris asked on Mar 01, I would wait at minimum for the km initial check, dealer technicians make sure everything is OK, and you've given the engine a bit of time to 'break-in'. Beach driving can be tough especially if there's some soft sand. Dan replied on Mar 17, Check the warranty too. I think it says not for sand use!

    FredPerry replied on Apr 30, Taking any vehicle onto the beach is fraught with risk. Check your insurance to see if you are covered before you do anything.

    Andrew asked on Mar 01, I did my own oil and filter change at ks. I used penrite c3 and genuine filter. YTO replied on Mar 13, Must use low ash oil, otherwise DPF could have problems.

    Hanford C replied on May 14, Mj18 asked on Feb 28, Karynda asked on Feb 16, Hey Judith don't be concerned I've had my drivers seat replaced twice now for the stitching problem and the 3rd time they've told me I should of bought seat covers and it's no longer a warranty issue , so I showed them the Mitsubishi Book and I said show me where it saids in there that I must supply seat covers??? They still won't warranty it.. CJ replied on Feb 19, Chucky asked on Feb 08, Rob asked on Feb 03, Hi rob, just thought I'd suggest to you what has worked for myself and my neighbour.

    We both have late model Nissan Navara's, and I realise this is not the same as your vehicle, but the engine clutch configurations are similar. Terry has a caravan set up and experienced the same problem as you to the extent that if he stopped the vehicle on a steep incline he virtually couldn't move the car forward! This became a real safety issue and he realised that his clutch was going to burn out soon.

    Mitsubishi Suspension ML-MN Triton/L200 4x4

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