1989 bmw 750il v12

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  • BMW iL V12 with Only 3, Miles but an Asking Price of $48k | Carscoops
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  • BMWil-VErear-three-quarter-view And they looked fabulous, not just compared to the W Mercedes but to every other car in.

    Capsule Review: BMW il At (Top) Speed - The Truth About Cars It seemed amazing for the times, hp huge sedan with the V

    Interesting fact! In 1937, BMW built the world's fastest motorcycle. It was sped up to a speed of 278 km per hour.

    In , BMW made history with the presentation of its first ever V12 automobile ( the company had made V12 engines before but they were.

    The only thing on my side of the road was a step van bread truck in the far right lane about 1 mile away; when I blew past him I imagined the sides of his van flexing like a discarded pop can. Retrieved 30 March Please enable JavaScript to engage in the discussion on this site. We all rocketed ahead of the RV and car 1 pulls back in. I hit in my Chevelle with later model heads, higher compression and big valves with HP somewhere further north than the stock hp, TH, 3.

    BMW i E32 specifications & stats

    In my never-ending but casual quest to replace my W Mercedes — quite possibly one of the best cars ever bolted together by those wacky yet stoic Germans — I find my interests run from sensible to… less sensible. I like a mid-size sedan for my daily grind, preferably with a manual transmission and somewhat modest options. It should be strong and safe for the kid.

    I value some level of entertainment, even on my short commute. Dropping like a sprengbombe in , BMW upped the ante with the range-topping E32 7 series — the — in both short- and long-wheelbase format. Jumping from naturally-aspirated and turbocharged inline sixes, BMW decided their next Mercedes S-class fighter would have double the cylinder count. Computers made it possible; there were two of everything, including control brains and electronic throttles, controlled by one central brain.

    It was a marvel at the time, and it actually sort of worked for a while. The rest of the E32 made the previous-generation 7 series — and certainly the then-current W Mercedes S-class — seem like a complete throwback. Power everything was standard, and control modules dictated behavior for every system.

    Magically, you could still get a manual transmission with the six-cylinder models and some later V8s. And they looked fabulous, not just compared to the W Mercedes but to every other car in their class.

    Low and menacing, the styling and detail have aged remarkably well. When the next S-class emerged — the W in — it looked fat and dumpy against the svelte 7er. Magazines raved, sales were brisk, and dealer workshops began to cringe. These were not simple cars, particularly with that massive V12 crammed in the engine bay. But that was 25 years ago. The mechanical bits of a il — the only one we were allowed in North America — are about par for the BMW course of the era.

    Suspension components last about the same as on other BMW models, including the clever but troublesome self-levelling rear shock absorbers. Every black box and the miles and miles of wire hold the potential for murder. Maybe in other markets you could special-order a short-wheelbase i with few options, but not here.

    Those electronic throttle bodies, that fully automated climate control system… hell, the power adjustable rear seats, under which lives the battery. Even the exterior lights are controlled by a box, conveniently named the Lamp Control Module. Because those down the line either cannot or will not pay to keep these vehicles in the finest fettle, interviewing a previous owner is as important as interviewing the car itself.

    That, in a very roundabout way, makes this particular il a very bad idea. No real description of this particular example. No mention of maintenance or repair. Oh, and the seller is some kind of auto restoration or repair shop. That could go either way — in the background of several photos are some nice looking vintage cars. The paint looks good, as does the all leather cow interior. The color combination is a little odd, but I like the break from the usual black on black or black on gray.

    Showing the car idling with no idiot lights glowing is a nice touch. You can just make out the VIN stickers on the hood and driver side front fender, as well as all four doors. Being from Vancouver, Washington hopefully means rust is minimal or absent. Being a iL, it probably has a limited slip differential. The lack of button on the center console indicates no traction control beyond the sensibilities of your right foot.

    BMW E32 750iL 5.0L V12 Muffler Delete Sound

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