2011 bmw 335is review

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  • inch and its spring and damper rates are firmed up to coupe/M Sport specs. BMWis-front-three-quarters-passenger

    Lighting the engine on the BMW is, I could have sworn the car sounded like it had an exhaust leak. The sound was lumpy — more like.

    Interesting fact! In 1937, BMW built the world's fastest motorcycle. It was sped up to a speed of 278 km per hour.

    The character of BMW's is is decidedly different from that of the i. (the standard i is equipped with a single twin-scroll turbo).

    At k my otherwise wonderful E46 eats a quart of Mob 1 every 1k. Everyone rips on Bangle for what he did. True that they find buyers despite this, but imagine the happy customers if you gave them performance with Big-Gulp grippers. The current interiors suck. Does that make the is the perfect 3 series?

    The six-speed manual transmission has an excellent feel, and a dual-clutch transmission is available. The Bad With no comfort setting, the ride quality is always sports car stiff.

    The navigation system is too talkative, and the filter-based iPod interface makes more sense in a computer than a car. BMW's i model is no slouch when it comes to performance, but the company decided to step it up for the model year, offering a is model. The last model bearing the "is" appendage in the U. The "s" in the model name stands for sport, something that seems oxymoronic when added to a BMW.

    You might think of the BMW is as an intermediate step between the i and the M3 , but you would be wrong. Although an excellent sports car, the is falls far short of the standard set by the M3. The is is more of a slightly tuned-up version of the standard i. Although the i got an engine update for , going to a single twin scroll turbocharger from the previous dual turbos, the is keeps the engine from the 3-series.

    BMW tuned the is' engine to output horsepower and pound-feet of torque, an increase over the i's horsepower and pound-feet of torque. To us, the is did not feel much more powerful than the i, and BMW's own numbers bear this out. BMW's testing puts the i Coupe with a manual transmission at 5. The is makes the same run in 5. This engine is also supposed to have an overboost feature, bumping the torque up to for a few seconds when the accelerator is floored.

    We have to apply a "MythBusters" -type rating of "Plausible" to overboost. We found many occasions to put the pedal to the metal, but never felt this extra boost. If it's there, it is either too subtle to notice, or takes something extra to engage it. Optional DCT But the above numbers hardly tell the tale of this car.

    First of all, the is is gorgeous. Using the same body and dimensions as the i Coupe, the is looks sleek, with a low hood and trunk lid. The roofline doesn't bubble up too high, and it flows quickly and neatly into the rear of the car. The only exterior differences for the is model are black painted grille inserts and mirror caps. The six-speed manual comes standard with the is, and the seven-speed DCT is optional. The is also uses different gear ratios than the i on its six-speed manual transmission, letting the engine speed run higher in the low and midrange gears.

    We had a lot of love for this gearbox, the shifter dropping into each slot in the gate with liquid smoothness.

    The transmission also seems aware of engine speed, the shifter naturally moving toward higher gears when the RPMs are up. One thing that makes the is particularly attractive is that BMW offers its DCT, or seven-speed dual clutch transmission, as an option.

    That transmission works exceptionally well, yet is not available on the standard i, only on the M3. The DCT actually shaves another tenth of a second off the zero to 60 mph time. Another difference between i and is is that the suspension feels more tightly tuned in the latter.

    2013 BMW 335is // Review! E92 M3 Killer?

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