2014 bmw x3 reliability issues

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  • Average annual mileage. 10, – 14, Typical MPG. Owned for. Less than a year. Bought car. New. Review. Good car let down by a dreadful.

    View all 18 consumer vehicle reviews for the BMW X3 on At the moment I' m two years into owning this and have more issues I need to.

    Interesting fact! In 1937, BMW built the world's fastest motorcycle. It was sped up to a speed of 278 km per hour.

    What kind of repairs or issues (and associated costs) do I have a high likelihood of encountering long-term if I keep my X3 i now One BMW technician said in response to a question on the N20 engine on his blog.

    Each time you use the Website, the then-current version of this Privacy Policy will apply. Fantastic vehicle Purchased vehicle about a month ago and have driven miles. X3 28 loaded with every option. Without limitation, this Agreement grants you no rights to the intellectual property of VehicleHistory.

    BMW X3 Problems, Defects & Complaints

    The seats heat up fast. Electronics are easy to figure out even for an old person! This car is a real pleasure to drive every morning to work. It takes away the boredom of the drive to work early every morning I work about 25 miles away and my ride takes about 35 mn so I drive quite a lot. I used to dread that drive but this car made my mornings much more fun.

    I drive a mixed mileage on the highway and normal roads. The drive on the highway is a real breeze. I drive it on the comfort mode and the car has plenty enough of pick up to pass cars without any problems even at high speed. I am very surprised by the amount of power this little 4 cylinders has even when I go over 80 mile per hour. You can actually have a lot more pick up by switching it to the sport mode, which has great acceleration power, when you merge or want to change lanes fast. This car is a lot of fun to drive.

    If you are lucky enough to live in a region with back roads, you can have a lot of fun to drive it. I live in PA and the car is great for hills and turns on tight roads.

    It grips the road. In one word, it drives fantastic. I took 2 trip to South Carolina with it and it drove fantastic. The interior is simple but looks great. I have the special lights on it and good God, they are amazing at night.

    The car also has an amazing break system that saved me a few times from hitting dear at night. The car all wheel drive is great on the snow. I used to have a Subaru Outback and I think this car is better on the snow. It comes with free maintenance for 4 years. I never paid anything until now except my inspection every year and a set of tires. Now for the negative. Not much to say the truth. In the winter, the pressure on the tires can vary quite a lot depending on the temperature.

    My dash board showed a few times a low pressure on the tires. I had to go to my gas station a few times in the winter to put air in my tires. They don't last long either 25 miles at most but they are silent and grip the road. I guess this is the price to pay for performance tires and the security of run flat tires, but you can install normal tires that will cost a fraction of these if you prefer.

    The car does not have a spare wheel in case of a flat but BMW has free 24h road assistance included. Most insurances do too. The gas mileage is not great 21 miles at most per gallon on the highway so I use the eco mode when I drive in the city it does not save you much anyway. It shuts down the engine when the car stops which I like you don't have to use this if you don't want to. The options are expensive and the price of the car can go up in a hurry.

    The head lights are well worth it though and I like the GPS on it once you know how to use it. The ondrive system is great it links my I-phone 6 through bluetooth to my music and pandora automatically when you start the car without having to do anything but not to your e-mail.

    BMW does not allow texting and e-mailing while driving. The music system is not fantastic unless you get the upgrade 12 speakers which is amazing and worth the money if you like to listen to music loud and clear. That is the only regret on my car. I should have got this cause when I got into another model which had it, what a difference it was. Overall, this is a fantastic car. I have no regret about this car. This was the best present I ever bought myself for Christmas.

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