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  • Review: BMW i M Sport. This is a bit of a rebellious move, isn't it? While manufacturers are scrambling towards smaller engines and the government lays .

    With that being said, the BMW i M-Sport was my pick with its simple yet aggressive looks, its premium interior and level of technology in its.

    BMW i M-Sport review. OWNER RATING / It is easy to see why the 3 Series is commonly referred to as the class benchmark.

    That being said, while the 3 Series retains its benchmark status, for now, its lead over newer rivals such as the Audi A4 or Alfa Romeo Giulia is narrowing at a rapid pace. If it was my i, I would suggest optioning it in a brighter colour — such as Sunset Orange — with the more stylish M-Sport wheels, M Brake Package it is amazing what some blue callipers can do and optioning the Shadow Line Exterior Trim. This generation of BMW cars are the ones transitioning from being outright sporty cars to being more luxury oriented. Request OTP again in But it certainly has suspension seemingly capable of working hard within the wheel housings without ruining the level poise of the body until it really needs to.

    BMW i M-Sport Review Test Drive | MotorBeam

    For those who know, the i badge is special. Previously, it would mean that you were getting a screaming in-line 6-cylinder engine under the bonnet of a very compact sporty sedan. A generation later, that badge seems to have lost its meaning; the new i is powered by a turbocharged 4-cylinder motor. In a world where the average buyer expects every car to be an all-rounder, it is difficult to cater to the uncompromising enthusiast.

    Downsizing and turbocharging is the name of the game and so the new BMW 3 Series i is powered by a potent 2. When compared to the 6-cylinder i, power has gone down by 6PS, but peak torque has gone up by 50Nm and is spread over a larger rev range. Choose the more exciting Sport drive-mode setting and your right foot and the engine seem to become one; every quiver gets a response.

    The engine revs to its rpm limiter quickly without any indication of when the turbocharger kicks in. In that respect, this 4-cylinder engine is not too different from the 6-cylinder naturally-aspirated motor it replaces. The lack of a turbo kick also means you can take your favourite winding road without worrying about losing power around a sharp turn or dealing with a sudden power surge on the exit.

    There is a bump in the different sensations as you drive the car hard and fast, and you can feel the car moving around, with the rear axle wanting to go in a direction different from the front. Thankfully though, the fatter tyres at the back do a good job of keeping everything under control. Aggressive inputs through the steering may result in some slides, but you need to be pushing like an absolute lunatic to get the back to step out… or worse! The experience of driving the i hard will certainly leave a smile on your face.

    There could a frown somewhere on that face too. This generation of BMW cars are the ones transitioning from being outright sporty cars to being more luxury oriented. As most first drafts go, there are some rather noticeable flaws. The electric steering lacks feedback, which in a rear wheel drive car is quite surprising. The softer suspension makes the i roll into corners and it floats over faster bumps - not the most conducive characteristic of a sporty car.

    And finally, coming to the part about drama - or the lack of it. The BMW i is deceptively fast. A kmph time of 6. You may want to take a look at the new Skoda Octavia RS. The i should be a good daily driver then. Press the start-stop button and the engine greets you with a low, distant growl. Shift it into gear and let go of the brake - the i rolls off smoothly.

    The ride is surprisingly stiff at low speeds, though the ride gets progressively pliant as speeds increase. There are some vibrations, and while they may not affect the driver as much, rear passengers will certainly notice them as there is nothing else in the cabin to keep them distracted. Blame the low profile tyres. The low profile inchers at the back have little in the way of shock-absorbing rubber.

    Want a more practical version of the 3 Series without compromising on the petrol engine? The Eco Pro driving mode is designed to make the i as relaxed as possible and deliver higher fuel-efficiency figures. In our tests, the i returned It gives you the smooth throttle response of the Eco Pro mode, without getting penalised with a hotter than usual cabin. The 3 Series looks different from the rest of the sedans in the BMW stable - it is after all the oldest car of the lot.

    Move to the side and the very small M badge on the fender, black window highlights and the inch M Sport alloy wheels are the only indications that this is something special. BMW also offers a whole host of cosmetic accessories to spruce up this 3 Series into a real mean looker; everything from black double-spoke inch wheels, carbon-fibre trim to a special racecar-like steering wheel with shift lights, and much more can be had In standard trim the rather slim M Sport steering wheel with shapely paddle shifters behind it and the large badge on the door sill continue to hint at the performance lineage that the i hopes to emulate.

    Check Out the NEW BMW 3 SERIES! 330i M Sport

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