2000 volvo s40 1.9 turbo

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  • Volvo S See 12 user reviews, photos and great deals for The S40 was powered by a liter turbocharged inline four, which.

    wheels, weight, performance and more for the Volvo S40 Sedan 4D Turbo. Sedan 4D Turbo Specifications and Pricing Engine. L Turbo Gas I4.

    FACT! Volvo is a Swedish automotive company. The name of the concern comes from the Latin language "Volv" and translates as "spinning", "rolling".

    Detailed features and specs for the Used Volvo S40 including fuel economy , transmission, warranty, engine Turbo 4dr Sedan Base engine size, L.

    The head looks fantastic! Prices by Motorcycle Type. Find Volvo listings for sale near you. But this leads me to a new series of performance upgrade questions: Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

    Volvo S40 | Specifications - Car Specs | Auto

    Yesterday I bought a S40 1. The interior is good, the body is excellent I knew it I'd likely have some bent valves, and I've done a few backyard head pulls and head jobs before, but this will be my first Volvo. I guess I'm lucky it's only the one cylinder. I have a couple of questions now.

    Do I just need to load up XP on an old computer and do it that way or is there some trick? I'm going to begin the process of pulling the head today.

    Has anyone done this before? Anything major to watch out for? Third and final for now question: I'm comfortable doing a cam seal since I'm removing them and the engine has over k I'll be replacing them but I've never done a VVT seal.

    Thanks a ton guys, and I look forward to joining you on the road in a couple of weeks! I installed Virtualbox on my computer and installed Windows XP on the virtual machine. The big gotcha is the VVT gear itself. There are a couple ways to tackle this problem depending on how you fix the VVT leak.

    If you plan to fix the leak by replacing the o-ring on the plunger then you do not have to remove the VVT gear at all. Just slip the cam seal off the other end of the cam after working it over the cam lobes.

    Since the VVT gear never moves the timing mark is still properly aligned. If you plan on replacing the VVT gear then things get a bit more complicated. Now you need to purchase the Volvo cam holder tool. This tool aligns and holds both cams in their proper place for timing belt replacement. Now the VVT gear can be removed and replaced by lining up the timing mark on the outer ring with the plastic timing belt cover.

    This was my method and it took me 4 tries of taking things apart and making a crude cam holder tool before I got the timing close enough to stop the check engine light. A leaking cam seal leaks oil down the face of the engine but does not sling the oil onto the belt. The leak is from the plunger looking thing: Outer gear slipped off inner hub: Plunger with o-ring in pieces: Here's another guide for an engine removal which I think might help too.

    Thanks a ton for the excellent photos and guides, guys! I really appreciate it. I don't have an appropriate socket to remove the strange seemingly Volvo specific reverse torx nuts and bolts on the VVT gear assembly itself.

    I'm sure I can get them off with a vice grip, but do you know if they are easily replaceable with normal metric bolts and nuts? I imagine my vice grips will shred them. I can pick up just about any size of corrosion resistant steel metric stuff at the local hardware store, I just am wondering if they're threaded funny as well. I'll update with pictures and such when I tear into it after all the tools are here. I have a small set of reverse torx sockets, and the only one that goes on it feels quite loose The "points" for lack of a better term of the star on the Volvo nut are considerably rounder than torx stuff I'm used to seeing.

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