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  • Nov 19, hey guys im building my yj still, in school not working, only have very little cash now, looking for cheap/free mods that i can do to my jeep until i.

    The first lift on my old YJ I had to run a 4" SUA to clear 33s with YJ flares. If you want cheap mods, you can make the gas tank hold 20 gallons.

    What are some cheap (\0 or less) mods to make to my '95 YJ? I currently have updated headlights, bigger tires and getting ready to upgrade the.

    The legendary Dana Find More Posts by 03Wrangler. Not the best but better than the regular store bought brands. Used the original locking nut to tighten it to the shaft. One line will or should still have a vac on it holding the switch open.

    cheap jeep mods | MY CHEAP JEEP

    This page is dedicated to various modifications for the Jeep YJ. Most of them either I've done myself or would like to do in the future. I'll try to provide good descriptions, either by myself or others, for most of these. As always, suggested additions are always welcome. If you plan to do much of your own work on your Jeep, you should really consider getting a factory service manual. These things are a million times better than a Haynes or Chiltons manual, since they're designed to be used by factory service centers.

    Modifications I've already made: I took advantage of beautiful weather and my day off on Presidents' Day '97 to upgrade my stock 15 gallon gas tank to hold 20 gallons. Here's how I did it. The rear bumperettes that come stock on a YJ are pretty useless. I wanted something that gave me rear tow hooks and a 2" receiver hitch. I went with this design. After complaining of a sore leg after my last few road trips, I broke down and installed cruise control.

    With as much gear as I have banging around in the rear of my Jeep, I wanted to protect my tub from scratches and rust, so I applied JC Whitney's paint-on bed liner. I got tired of looking for the nearest gas station to air back up after a day of wheeling, so I installed a York-based on-board air compressor in the fall of ' Having only floor and defroster vents gets cold in the winter, so I redirected half of the floor vents to point up toward the seats.

    This isn't really a modification, but more of a fix. I know of a couple hard-topped YJ's, including my own, that have had the triangular vent window pried out of the window frame during break-ins.

    Here's how to replace it yourself. After installing my York compressor and ordering a Premier Power Welder, I needed a way to adjust the engine speed without pushing the accelerator.

    A hand throttle fit the bill perfectly. After the aforementioned break-in, I needed to get a new, secure, waterproof center console before it came time to take my top off for the summer. After I acquired on-board air and a Premier Power Welder, I decided I better make the engine compartment a little more secure, so I installed a hood lock. Did I make a mistake? Jason Smith describes how to gain 10 hp by removing the restrictor. Many folks, myself included, don't notice any difference.

    Frequent wheeling while heavily loaded with gear is hard on a spring pack. My rears had developed a significant negative arch when loaded, so I installed an additional main leaf in each spring pack Rubicon Express 1. Three months later, I finally installed longer shocks. It's amazing what correct-length shocks will do for ride quality. The combination of an alternator problem, an old battery, and -5 F temperatures threatened to make me bike to work in the morning, so I grabbed a new Optima U battery.

    These can be bought rebadged as an Interstate Batteries AGMDT , which gives you a better warranty and allows you to find them at your local Interstate battery dealer. I got sick of banging my undercarriage on stuff a long time ago. On 10 April 99, I finally got rich enough to do something about it, so I did a massive spring-over-axle conversion. After a rear-end collision broke my factory driver seat, I opted not to even try fixing it, and instead replaced it with a Bestop TrailMax Pro.

    After nearly three years of running stiff add-a-leaves, I finally broke down and installed greaseable main eye bushings to help smooth out my on-road ride. I finally got tired of denting my hood or locating a towel whenever I laid my hood back against the windshield, so I installed a second set of hood bumpers to act as cushions.

    Five Cheap mods you should do to every jeep before you hit the trail

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