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  • Walmart Unveils Futuristic Truck That Is Fuel-Efficient [VIDEO]
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  • Our approximately 6, trucks in the U.S. log millions of miles every year, delivering products to thousands of locations across the country. So when it comes to.

    Nov 22, In , Walmart introduced a concept truck called the WAVE – short for Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience. The prototype was built with.

    Sep 21, Walmart operates one of the largest private fleets of trucks in the nation. In Walmart A prototype new tractor-trailer has been built. Roush.

    That yields a fuel efficiency increase of 10 percent on its own. A spacious cockpit boasts a center seat that would give drivers greater visibility, as well as digital displays, a fold-out bed and a sliding door. Walmart and Peterbilt have collaborated on aerodynamic, hybrid, electrification and alternative fuel projects in the past, each with incremental gains in fuel efficiency and emission reductions. A previous version of this article stated that the entire truck was made from carbon fiber.

    Walmart Debuts Futuristic Truck

    W hile doing some research for my presentation at the IREA Renewable Energy Fair, I came upon some interesting news regarding advances in large truck propulsion. Walmart operates one of the largest private fleets of trucks in the nation.

    In Walmart stated it intended to achieve fleet fuel efficiency increases of percent by As of , they have increased fleet efficiency by 84 percent. They also have a goal to operate their massive fleet entirely on renewable biofuels.

    Walmart has moved its distribution centers nearer to the major metropolitan centers it serves. This not only reduces the number of miles that the trucks drive daily, but also enables future electric trucks to take advantage of regenerative braking to produce power rather than a long-haul trucks that will need to burn fuel to maintain highway speed.

    Electrified trucks will operate entirely on electric power in cities, reducing fuel consumed and air pollution. A prototype new tractor-trailer has been built. Roush Engineering acted as general contractor using a number of different contractors to build the machine. The tractor was built by Peterbilt, the trailer by Great Dane and the microturbine engine by Capstone.

    Much like a Chevy Volt, the truck can operate on electricity in urban areas for short distances up until the 45 kWh battery pack is down to 50 percent when the turbine engine will start to provide the electricity that the motor needs. There are a number of advantages to the Capstone C65 turbine. Its efficiency on natural gas is about percent, boosted some by the electric drive.

    No radiator is needed, so the chassis can be very streamlined. It is small and lightweight and can operate pretty much on anything that can burn — diesel, compressed natural gas, liquid natural gas and biofuels. It can also operate at one steady speed which can be optimized for efficiency.

    The driver can select a mode to charge the batteries while the vehicle is stationary. Aerodynamics plays a big part in the efficiency of this big rig. Overall the streamlined truck has reduced drag by 20 percent.

    That yields a fuel efficiency increase of 10 percent on its own. The cab is placed over the engine bay and is on center. This makes for a shorter more efficient design, yet accommodates a sleeping area for the driver. Great Dane Trailers was tapped to provide the cargo trailer. They designed and built the trailer almost entirely in carbon-fiber material.

    This saves 4, pounds of weight — more efficient when empty, and able to haul more cargo on deliveries. The forklift rating for the bed is 16, pounds.

    walmart trucks special new ones and some old one

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