V9x engine problems

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  • a Navara V9X and is experiencing endless problems after problems! Further, if it is the egr and your nissan dealer says the engine must.

    Re: V9X engine fail. Post Since then have had no problems with the motor but am only up to Pathie tows a tonne van with no problem.

    The has been a recent discovery that will solve the blown engine problem with the Nissan 3 ltr, the reason the motor blows is because the new.

    There are a few good diesel mechanics you can try that are going to know x more than Ultratune ever will. As for your no cruise control problem I've Had that to that was after they took the G'box out to replace the clutch throw out bearing. Always good service and the guys are all passionate 4x4 nuts. They don't have many problems either unlike Nissan seem to be having. I am very hopeful that this engine will be realiable and efficient.

    Nissan's powerful, smooth new V6 diesel engine

    Hey guys , I have had my stx for a year now , and I have had some ongoing issues with it. Love the car to death but I'm really sick of constant trips to Nissan with not much success in fixing the problems. I would be keen to hear from other v9x powered nav owners if they have been having problems also. A bloke I work with owns one and he has already had fault codes coming up and had to replace pads and rotors at 20k service!!!

    Car was driving a lot better more power but went to use cruise control , and surprise it's not working. So now I have to go back again , and I don't think they really know how to fix it , but I'll give them another shot. Is this a general issue with these cars and Nissan mechanics?

    I hate to say this but i never had a problem with my mitsubishi , and I feel like I may as well take it to ultra tune or someone else , cause Nissan seem to know nothing about there own vehicles.. I'm feeling a little bit frustrated by all this. Please share your experiences with me. Trouble is alot of the dealers technicians know nothing about cars and can't fix things unless the fault codes tell them what is wrong. Where in Vic are you? There are a few good diesel mechanics you can try that are going to know x more than Ultratune ever will.

    It seems to be the case.. No such thing as real mechanics these days. Is that like a scan tool type device? I thought about that ,but thought it unfair to have to buy such a device when I just spent over 50k on a new car lol. Open to recommendations for decent mechanics.. Must have seen you around, as I live in Carrum. If you still have the engine light on swing around my place I have a scantool to check it. I'll PM you my number.

    Thanks for the generous offer mate ,your a gentleman. Nissan managed to fix the engine light when they replaced the EGR valve. It's the cruise control that plays up now. Where do you get your Nissan serviced? I take mine and the mrs xtrail to ferntree gully Nissan , and have been pretty happy up until this point.

    For some people, being a mechanic is about passion. For some, it's a buck. A good mechanic who's been to TAFE and done some work experience at a private yard will get snapped up by a private yard at a reasonably decent rate of pay. Unfortunately it means the guys at the dealerships at the lower rate of pay are usually the guys who didn't do so well, or impress as well, and can't demand as good an hourly rate.

    Add something very, very important to this. Nissan are very aware of this, and to prevent it from being realised in the big wide world: Nissan developed the service manual with a step-by-step guide that a blind monkey could follow.

    The price for following it: Nissan pay the mechanic. If the recipe isn't followed, Nissan don't pay. That means that your car goes in and MUST be examined in accordance to the recipe. I also doubt that Nissan is alone in this. That's a good way to put it tony.

    I am starting to see the reality of all this now. Nissan specialist technicians are bearly fit to change your cars oil lol Sad really, I'm getting nervous about the future problems I may have with this vehicle if they can't even get ontop of these minor mechanical issues. Starting to consider not investing anymore money in this vehicle. Or perhaps I'm being overly negative. I can be a little fussy lol.

    Motor V9X

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